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    Our human resources policies

    A corporate culture built on strong values

    Like its pipelines, Trapil’s corporate spirit is very strong, binding all our employees in a shared sense of community and co-destiny. Our corporate culture, which exudes team spirit, caring, trust and friendliness, is built on five major values:

    • Professionalism,
    • Respect,
    • Innovation,
    • Mutual support,
    • Responsibility.

    Multiple career opportunities

    Trapil is constantly seeking talented people who would like a fulfilling career in one of its broad range of exciting fields.

    The variety of their backgrounds – from operators to vocational high school graduates; from technical college graduates with degrees in electricity, automation or IT to engineers – and the diversity of job openings all attest to the appeal of a business open to the challenges of tomorrow.

    35 work-study contracts in 2023

    Alternants recrutés

    New hires by educational level:

    High school diploma or less
    Two years of college
    Three years of college
    Five years of college and engineers

    Skills and career development

    Although there are many opportunities for young people to prepare for a career in the oil & gas industry, there are very few dedicated to the pipeline transportation of refined petroleum products. In response, Trapil has long invested in an assertive training commitment designed to offset this lack by offering comprehensive programs to instill proficiency in our highly specialized jobs.

    These courses are also offered to employees looking to improve their career prospects in the organization by taking advantage of the many opportunities for transfer and promotion among our various job families. At Trapil it is not unusual to meet employees who started out as young field engineers, before taking charge of an operations center and then moving up to a management position in one of the corporate support functions.

    Trapil’s training budget amounts to more than 4% of payroll.

    Formation professionnelle

    Training by category in 2023:

    General and technical education
    People skills
    Safety skills

    Robust advantages

    • A wide variety of jobs,
    • Recognized expertise,
    • A culture of innovation.